Friday, September 5, 2014

Animation Lab Team Begins

This semester I am one of the lucky few who get to be in Tom's Animation Lab Team class. This is a class where you have to submit your portfolio and be accepted to join the class. So it's a great honor to have been one of the accepted students for this class.

The main goal is to make a 1-2 minute animated short film that we'll be able to send to film festivals. We have big hopes for this class and it sounds like it'll be a blast! We are currently in the story and early design development phase of the project. These are a couple of concepts I did for the class.

One of my concepts is a underwater air suit for the main character. We decided that the story of our short will take place underwater. I was thinking of a way for our character to breath underwater that'll be interesting for the story and animation.

Another concept I worked on was where our character could live. I really like the idea of a home that is sort of floating towards the surface but is anchored down so to be livable. The idea behind the suits was that even though they provided the character with air, it also weighed her downing making it hard to go to the surface. So she has to live under the water.

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