Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Point of View

For the Radioactive Knight story I was thinking about how the story would start and who's point of view from which it would be told. Originally it was going to be from Knight's point of view. Since he was the first character designed for the story and was affected by the nuclear blast in the most unique way compared to the other characters. Recently I thought about if Freckles was the one to tell the story what it would be like. 
 I drew quick thumbnails of both Knight and Freckles's point of view of the beginning of the story.

From Knight's point of view it would show his experience with the blast and the lose his brother. Although if the story went with his point of view it would probably start after the blast he wakes up confused and then show his experience with the blast later in the form of a flashback or therapy.

From Freckles's point of view it would take place after the blast as well. Freckles would step out of the refrigerator confused about how the world she knew so well became so different all of a sudden. She wanders around confused until she finds a guy laying on the ground that she hopes isn't dead.

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