Friday, February 28, 2014

Drawing for Entertainment Design: Characters

This semester I am taking Advanced Drawing for Entertainment Design. It is similar to the class I took last semester. The difference is that this class focuses on character personality development as the last class focused on story. 
For this class I wanted to work with my Radioactive Knight characters and develop them more. So far I only had Knight and Freckles in this story, but now I'll be adding more characters. For the class we focus on developing 5 characters and put them into the story. I'll be adding 3 new characters to the story and work on developing both Knight and Freckles's designs more.
These are where I'm starting with the designs so far. The fifth character is still being worked on design-wise

Here I was thinking of names for the last two characters. They two best friends that used to bully Knight in high school before the mini-apocalypse. I wanted their code names, that were given to them by Freckles, to be unified by a theme. I am currently going with Sticks and Stones, playing off of the "sticks and stones may break my bones" saying.

I also started a little diagram showing each of the characters relationship with one another. I want to make sure that each character has a clear opinion or relationship with the others. So far the relationship that I am struggling with most is between Justice, the army woman, and the two bullies. I'll figure it out as I develop their personalities more.

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