Friday, February 28, 2014

Drawing for Entertainment Design: Characters

This semester I am taking Advanced Drawing for Entertainment Design. It is similar to the class I took last semester. The difference is that this class focuses on character personality development as the last class focused on story. 
For this class I wanted to work with my Radioactive Knight characters and develop them more. So far I only had Knight and Freckles in this story, but now I'll be adding more characters. For the class we focus on developing 5 characters and put them into the story. I'll be adding 3 new characters to the story and work on developing both Knight and Freckles's designs more.
These are where I'm starting with the designs so far. The fifth character is still being worked on design-wise

Here I was thinking of names for the last two characters. They two best friends that used to bully Knight in high school before the mini-apocalypse. I wanted their code names, that were given to them by Freckles, to be unified by a theme. I am currently going with Sticks and Stones, playing off of the "sticks and stones may break my bones" saying.

I also started a little diagram showing each of the characters relationship with one another. I want to make sure that each character has a clear opinion or relationship with the others. So far the relationship that I am struggling with most is between Justice, the army woman, and the two bullies. I'll figure it out as I develop their personalities more.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cats & Demons: 2nd Pass

This is the second pass of the storyboards for my Layout & Timing story. I was able to narrow down the amount of scenes to the proper number by removing unnecessary scenes or shots. The beginning was cut out of the story, so now we start with the demon and Diane running into the demon world and right into the action.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Layout & Timing Boards

I finished the first pass of my Layout & Timing storyboards. The amount of shots in the whole story was way over the target amount. We were supposed to have 16 shots maximum and I had 33. For my second pass I'll need to do a lot of editing.
The story is about a young woman trying to get her beloved cat back from the clutches of a demon by chasing it down to hell and back.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


For Layout & Timing I worked on further developing some of the characters' designs. I focused mostly on the demon because I felt that it needed more development. I was still sticking with the four arms idea, but instead of the rotating head idea I tried experimenting with different options.

Along the way I went to a friend for advice on the demon's design. They recommended giving the demon a stockier build and having the four arms vary in size. So I started pushing the design in that direction.

The current design of the demon is like this. 

I also added the addition of the human mask and a cloak. Two possible methods for the demon to disguise itself.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Point of View

For the Radioactive Knight story I was thinking about how the story would start and who's point of view from which it would be told. Originally it was going to be from Knight's point of view. Since he was the first character designed for the story and was affected by the nuclear blast in the most unique way compared to the other characters. Recently I thought about if Freckles was the one to tell the story what it would be like. 
 I drew quick thumbnails of both Knight and Freckles's point of view of the beginning of the story.

From Knight's point of view it would show his experience with the blast and the lose his brother. Although if the story went with his point of view it would probably start after the blast he wakes up confused and then show his experience with the blast later in the form of a flashback or therapy.

From Freckles's point of view it would take place after the blast as well. Freckles would step out of the refrigerator confused about how the world she knew so well became so different all of a sudden. She wanders around confused until she finds a guy laying on the ground that she hopes isn't dead.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Incredible Compositions

I did some more composition studies. This time with the movie The Incredibles. It's a really good movie to study for action shots.

Saturday, February 8, 2014