Thursday, January 23, 2014

Layout & Timing: It Begins

I started planning out the story that I want to work on for my Layout & Timing class. I'm thinking of making a story about a woman who tries to save her cat after it has been kidnapped by a demon. So far I've collected some sources of inspiration and have started the early character and environment designs. 

For the cat I knew that I wanted it to be really fluffy and poofy. Preferably with a really small or silly face. I took inspiration from British Shorthairs, Exotic Shorthairs, and Persian cats. I experimented with different body shapes and faces. Trying to find a design that was readable and interesting.

For the protagonist, Diane, I wanted to experiment with design characters of different body shapes. I took inspiration from different characters with somewhat similar body shapes and models.

For the demon I took inspiration from a handful of things. A friend of mine told me about these goats that have four horns on their head. They almost look like little demons themselves with horns like that. Some other inspirations came from games and TV shows where there were characters that are very monstrous and demon-like.

For the environments I took inspiration from a lot of things; TV shows, webcomics, video games, short films, etc. I was drawn towards these environments because of their use of shape, color, and lighting.

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