Friday, November 22, 2013

Waste Monsters

For my game I had to develop monsters that would attack the player as they progress through the level. I drew silhouettes of multiple ideas and chose two to use in the level. I took some inspiration from a couple of games that I find really breathtaking art-wise. Epic Mickey and Shadow of the Colossus. With Epic Mickey I really loved how stylized everything was and with Shadow of the Colossus I really admired the designs of the massive colossi. I wanted my monsters to have the goopy quality similar to Epic Mickey because they were made out of waste. While also having a trait similar to the colossi in how some of them have building like structures fused into their bodies. Since my monsters are made of unstable waste it would be interesting if parts of their environment fused with their bodies as they moved around.

The first monster I chose was Wall Face. A monster with a wall for a face. Very simple. It uses its face to ram into prey, knocking it out. From there it will repeatedly stomp and tackle it until it has become completely immobile. After that Wall Face will consume the prey. 

Wall Face went through many different versions. I wanted something that would be interesting but also simple enough to redraw when put into sprite form.

The other monster I chose was Double Friend. Originally it was going to be a monster with two heads where it would have a full range of sight that no one can escape. I changed it to a single headed monster that splits into two. It's called a friend because it's human sized and looks like another person from a distance. When it nears its prey it splits in half and violently consumes it.

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