Monday, November 4, 2013

Stabbed Through The Face

Knight has a lot of super powers that he gained from being exposed to a fatal amount of radioactivity. I was thinking about the kind of powers he would have and how they'd work. One of the ideas that I really like was that Knight's powers were fueled by the radioactive energy that was soaked into the land after the explosion. Since basically Knight gained his powers from the radioactive energy of the explosion he would need more to sustain his powers. So abilities such as super strength and speedy healing would slowly disappear if Knight were to go to a less toxic environment. 

 Here I was thinking about how his healing ability would come into affect. How fast would it happen? Would he still feel pain? How much energy would it take for his body to heal itself? I started to sketch out a scene idea where Knight is fighting with another character and gets stabbed in the head by his own sword. 

I sorta like the idea that Knight's body would heal so fast that it would fuse the sword into his head causing him immense pain. It also means that he would have to re-open the wound to pull the sword out of his face causing more pain. It wouldn't be very fun.

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