Friday, November 29, 2013

DED Character Development

I began to finalize the character designs for my entertainment design class. Working on Adler and Melanie's designs both within Adler's mind and normally.

Melanie's work attire is similar to a car mechanics since she is a mechanic herself. But instead of cars she fixes minds.

Since Adler is really into plants I thought that it would be fun for him to have a shirt with a plant pun on it. I searched on the internet for pun ideas and some of them were really funny.

I then started working on the mind versions. The whole idea about that is that when the mind mechanics and their client go into the clients mind the machine used by the mechanic camouflages them. This helps the client fell more comfortable with being inside their own mind and keeps them from having panic attacks. The thing that they are disguised as varies from person to person based on their interests. Since Adler is a biologist he has a strong passion for plants and animals.Which explains what he and Melanie become disguised as.

Melanie becomes an anthropomorphic langur-person. She wears clothing that is inspired by Indian saris and harem pants because the langur is found in India.

Adler gets disguised as a gorilla in a t-shirt. It contrasts with Adler's personality because gorillas are usually seen as strong and sort of grumpy. Where as Adler is very timid and quiet. 

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