Friday, November 15, 2013

Characters, Logos, & More

Continuing with Entertainment Design work.
I worked on the main character's designs more. Starting with silhouettes and then styles of hair.

Melanie is a semi-experienced mind mechanic. She's been working in the mind biz for three years with very little problems. So naturally her confidence in her skills is through the roof. Her skills as a mind mechanic gets put to the test when she faces a new client who's condition is more severe than it initially appears.

Adler is Melanie's client. He's a young biologist who's is considered to be genius in his field. Lately he's been having multiple issues with his mind including lost of focus, insomnia, and more. He hires a mind mechanic to help him and Melanie answers the call.

Environment silhouettes, thinking about what sections of the mind Adler and Melanie will visit.

I then started thinking about a logo for the story. Something that I can use for branding and sneakily placing into certain parts of the story. So far I'm think brains and wrenches because minds and mechanics.

Along with the logo designs I was thinking of how I will be presenting the final boards for the class. I was mostly thinking about the borders.

Finally, I did some anatomy sketches studying the skeletal structure of the two animals.

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