Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Buff Gorilla

Getting into the character design aspect of the class I started to think how I can incorporate the animals that I've chosen into the character's designs. The story that I have going so far is about going within the mind to fix problems such as memory loss or inability to focus. I'm working with the idea right now that when the characters are in the regular world they're normal humans, but when they go into the mind they're disguised as something else to not stress the brain of the patient. The disguises vary depending the the interests of the patient. An engineer that makes robots for a living might have them disguised as something from a sci-fi movie. So on and so forth.

Here are started to draw silhouettes for the two main characters, Melanie and Adler. Melanie is the Mind Mechanic who fixes brains. Adler is a biologist who has a brain that needs fixing. Adler's studies focuses on animal and plant life so when they go into his mind the two are disguised as animals. 

I chose Adler as the gorilla. I thought that it would be a fun contrast because when one thinks of a gorilla they think of strong and slightly grumpy. Adler does not fit those qualities at all. He's quiet and feeble, so having him as a gorilla will have an interesting contrast between what's expected and what's actually there. From here I started to work with different body shapes.

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