Saturday, November 30, 2013

Backgrounds and Sprites

As the semester comes closer to its end, my game begins to be put together.
I focused on getting a level design that would for my game. I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to get my character to be able to stand on the level. A friend of mine helped me figure it out, but I had to simplify my layout design of the level so it would be easier to work with. I will most likely extend the simpler level design as soon as I can to make it a longer and more exciting level.

I also started making the final sprites for the game. Knight's and Double Friend's sprites have been completed. All that leaves is Wallface's sprites.

Friday, November 29, 2013

DED Character Development

I began to finalize the character designs for my entertainment design class. Working on Adler and Melanie's designs both within Adler's mind and normally.

Melanie's work attire is similar to a car mechanics since she is a mechanic herself. But instead of cars she fixes minds.

Since Adler is really into plants I thought that it would be fun for him to have a shirt with a plant pun on it. I searched on the internet for pun ideas and some of them were really funny.

I then started working on the mind versions. The whole idea about that is that when the mind mechanics and their client go into the clients mind the machine used by the mechanic camouflages them. This helps the client fell more comfortable with being inside their own mind and keeps them from having panic attacks. The thing that they are disguised as varies from person to person based on their interests. Since Adler is a biologist he has a strong passion for plants and animals.Which explains what he and Melanie become disguised as.

Melanie becomes an anthropomorphic langur-person. She wears clothing that is inspired by Indian saris and harem pants because the langur is found in India.

Adler gets disguised as a gorilla in a t-shirt. It contrasts with Adler's personality because gorillas are usually seen as strong and sort of grumpy. Where as Adler is very timid and quiet. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Meet Double Friend

Since I now have a couple of monsters designs for the Radioactive Knight story because of Game Dev., I was thinking of how Knight and Freckles would interact with them. I liked the idea of them meeting Double Friend for the first time thinking that it was friendly until they quickly learned the truth. I feel like it could be a really funny scene.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Waste Monsters

For my game I had to develop monsters that would attack the player as they progress through the level. I drew silhouettes of multiple ideas and chose two to use in the level. I took some inspiration from a couple of games that I find really breathtaking art-wise. Epic Mickey and Shadow of the Colossus. With Epic Mickey I really loved how stylized everything was and with Shadow of the Colossus I really admired the designs of the massive colossi. I wanted my monsters to have the goopy quality similar to Epic Mickey because they were made out of waste. While also having a trait similar to the colossi in how some of them have building like structures fused into their bodies. Since my monsters are made of unstable waste it would be interesting if parts of their environment fused with their bodies as they moved around.

The first monster I chose was Wall Face. A monster with a wall for a face. Very simple. It uses its face to ram into prey, knocking it out. From there it will repeatedly stomp and tackle it until it has become completely immobile. After that Wall Face will consume the prey. 

Wall Face went through many different versions. I wanted something that would be interesting but also simple enough to redraw when put into sprite form.

The other monster I chose was Double Friend. Originally it was going to be a monster with two heads where it would have a full range of sight that no one can escape. I changed it to a single headed monster that splits into two. It's called a friend because it's human sized and looks like another person from a distance. When it nears its prey it splits in half and violently consumes it.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


When I take breaks I like to play Pokemon and train Tuba my trusty Venusaur.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Super Powers

Ever since I started working on my Radioactive Knight game for Game Dev., I've been thinking more seriously about Knight and his powers. I really want his powers to make sense with his situation and prior abilities before gaining them. But I don't want him to have too many powers or powers that makes every challenge that comes his way a breeze. 

In addition to superpowers I also thought about Knight's weapon. The sword he has before the mini-apocalypse isn't a real sword. It's prop made out of cheap metals that'll bend easily. But when Knight runs around fighting monsters he needs something sturdy. So what if the sword broke during the explosion and Knight uses his powers to temporarily re-build it for defense? I'm not fully sure how this ability would make sense yet, but it sounds like it can become a really neat feature.

Back to the supers! 
Like I said earlier I don't really want Knight's powers to make everything a nice walk in the park. So I gave his powers restrictions. Knight has a couple of generic super powers such as super strength and quick healing and some powers that are radiation based. Each coming with their own limits.

Knight's super strength isn't really "super" as it is "enhanced". I like to call it his "Semi-Super Strength." This new strength allows Knight to be able lift things within a reasonable weight. It also makes the mindless flailing of his sword fighting more effective against enemies. The only knowledge that Knight actually has of sword fighting comes from samurai movies and anime. So the strength boost really helps him out.

The quick healing for Knight is somewhat convenient for him. His wounds heal faster so death is less likely to happen. Unfortunately, the healing doesn't help with the pain of getting hurt and instead adds pain due to his body rushing to repair itself. Then there are those times when Knight gets punctured with a weapon and his body heals too fast. The wound closes before he can remove the weapon, getting stuck.

Third, Knight is immune to dying from radiation poisoning. This power doesn't prevent him from getting radiation poisoning though. After being exposed to the explosion Knight has enough radiation in his body to kill a stadium of people. This power just makes it so he can't die from it. If this power ever disappears or stops working Knight won't last two seconds.

Knight's fourth power, which is crucial, is his ability to absorb the radiation around him. This power fuels all of his other powers. If Knight has no radiation to absorb he has no super strength, healing, or immunity. It's a great thing he's in such a radiation-filled area. He can take in as much radioactive energy as he wants. 

Saving the best power for last, Knight's last super power that he gains is...

Yup! Knight's eye's and heart glows. How it work is that his entire insides became glowy from the radiation. His heart shows through his skin because it glows the most. This power is the only one that doesn't depend on Knight absorbing radioactive energy. It is also the least helpful for it doesn't improve his vision in the dark all that much. In fact it makes it easier for enemies to find him.

As a bonus, here are some Freckles sketches. I decided for her to have both of her legs in contrast to her earlier design where one was damaged by a waste monster. The damaged leg didn't make much sense in how it was still functional after the muscles had been burned off. She's better off with two legs.