Friday, September 20, 2013

Run Amadi, Run!

Over the summer I started to thumbnail storyboard ideas that I could work on to develop my skills and build my portfolio. I was deciding between writing shorter stories and using scenes from my longer stories for board ideas. I've realized that the few main stories that I've been developing in my free time are kind of long. If I want to to have story boards from them with a beginning, middle, and end I'd have to find scenes that tell a story on their own or write a shorter story. 

Here I decided to go with a scene from a larger story Mole So Die. It's the scene where Amadi was walking through the magical forest of possible evil and ran into one of the "animals" living there. The "animal" starts to pursue Amadi and he has to escape from becoming food. So the part I thumbnailed is towards the end of the chase where Amadi runs into a dead end and has to make a choice to either jump to his possible death or stay and accept his guaranteed death.
I really wanted to experiment with camera angels on this board, try something fancy. So I went with angles where the camera moves around the scene as if it was on a crane circling the characters. That part was fun to experiment with.


  1. NO AMADI! Save yourself! But, no, really, scrolling through these was fun- you have such a great knack for visual story-telling, Hillary. Really.

    1. Yay! Thank you!
      I was a bit worried that they were too hard to read because of my scribbles.