Thursday, September 26, 2013

Parents and Paint

Some Mole So Die thinking sketches.

I was thinking about the three main characters and their families. What would their home life be like? What are their parents like? Do they have both parents or none at all? Those kind of things. 
I decided that Amadi would have both of his parents instead of only his father. This way they can share the workload of leading the village. One can focus on the people and the other can focus on the village as a whole. I gave Baako the standard family life. With his father in a semi-high position in the village they live a good life. Thema has two guardians but only one is a parent. She spends more time with her elder guardian than her parental one though. Possibly causing tension.

I'm redesigning the face paints for the main characters and working on a system for who-wears-what-face-paint-and-why. I want the main characters to have more meaning behind their face patterns. For example, Amadi makes his face paint similar to a cheetah's because he's a good runner and identifies with cheetahs more than people. The other characters follow the system. For the color system I want certain colors to be available to certain people as a sign of ranking. The colors that are harder to obtain are more expensive and used by those of higher rank. 

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