Sunday, September 22, 2013

Night of the Storyboards

So I was looking over my story ideas one day. I was sorting out the scenes within them and thinking about short story ideas. Then I remembered an idea I had a summer ago.
The Night of the Hunter story!

I was having a lot of fun with the idea when I first came up with it but then I kind of  left it to focus on my bigger stories. So I've decided to revisit the story and use it as one of my storyboard ideas. I also decided to make a couple of changes to the story as well. One of the bigger changes is changing the main character. Before, the main character was Manny the Man and he was on a date when the hunter kills his girlfriend, but I decided to change the role and have the boyfriend be the first victim instead. So now the main character is Lala the lady. Another change I want to make is the hunter's design. I feel that his current design isn't scary enough.

The thumbnails are unfinished right now but I got pretty far into the story I think. 
The general story is that Lala and Manny are going on a romantic night hike date. But the forest that they decided to hike through is being haunted by an angry spirit that hates those who trespasses his territory. And Lala and Manny's romantic date becomes a fight for survival.

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