Friday, September 27, 2013

Game Beginnings

I've started to develop my personal game for Game Dev. 

I have the story fully planned out as if it was going to be a full game, even though we are only making level one in the class. I won't be able to use everything that I've written down but in case I ever get the chance to come back and add to the game I'll have something to look back on.

I have a general idea of where I'm going with the the design aspects of the game.

Starting with designing the extra do-dads in the game such as health bars, text boxes, and the like. I'm also thinking of having a cut scene in the beginning of the game that helps set of the story and explain why everything is the way that it is. It could look like those cut scenes in the beginning of old Nintendo games, where it's an image with text the appears in a box below.

I sketched out the background and what the level could possibly look like and what kind of aspects it would have. I liked the idea of having the player start the level underground and making their way up to the surface to see what's happened, ending the level with them climbing higher into the area to explore more. I might not be able to add the glowing part. It'll have to depend on the amount of time and capabilities with the programs that I have.

I sketched out the different actions that Knight might perform in the game. This will act as a guide for when I go to making the sprites.

I've been thinking about making the game with pixel art. A lot of games are pixel and there are some that do it in an absolutely beautiful way, such as the Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery game. This was a test with the Photoshop pencil tool. I was trying to get a feel of the tool so when I start making the sprites I would know what to expect.

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