Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tiny Sketchbook Adventures

These are the many pages of my tiny sketchbook. 

I was practicing drawing with the shadows of thing. Trying to shape faces with the lighting instead of the line art. 

More drawing with shadows practice and messing around with fun pattern-ie thingies.


On the left I was trying to come up with the a monster design, like some kind of imaginary friend monster. Where its friendly but kind of creepy. On the right I was working on Sal's design from Tough Cooking.

Knight and Freckles sketches. Then below I was sketching out ideas for monsters that could possibly exist in the radioactive world due to the chemical waste and whatnot. 

Random scribbles and people sketches.

I also tried experimenting with planar structure and applying it to my characters. Starting with Jack.

And then I drew more Pokemon.

Jack with a switchblade because a guy has to fight with something.
Also more people sketches either from restaurants, libraries, or other public places.

More with the Tough Cooking characters. I worked on redesigning Sherry and Sal. I wanted to make their designs more dynamic.

More people sketches!

My family and I went to a nearby park where they had buffalo. Those were fun to draw along with the trees around the area.

Drawing Amadi being lost in the forest.  

That's all for now!

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