Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fire Beast

Last week I wanted to make something that was different from what I usually do.
I've noticed that most of my works are sketches or rough sketchy pieces and want to add more variety to what I do. Find more styles in a way. So that I can make things that aren't just sketchy, rough, or messy and make a piece that looks finished instead.

Starting with making random silhouettes to see if I can make something out of them. I find that starting with a silhouette helps me understand where the character is placed in the space. The more I play with silhouettes the more helpful it seems. So I think I will be experimenting with silhouettes more in the future when I work with longer pieces.

After that I went over the silhouette with line art. I was really focused on making sure that the lines were really nice a clean.

I had the most fun with the pattern in the fire. Basically, I randomly made patterns that flowed with each other to get the feeling of movement. Starting with more fire-like patterns and then making more abstract ones. I drew a car in there somewhere too as a fun hidden thing to find.

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