Thursday, May 2, 2013

Making My Way Down Town

I animated a walk cycle with personality for Animation 2 this week.
I really really wanted to animate a pigeon because of the silly way birds bob their heads when they walk. Sounded like something super fun to animate. This also gave me the possibility of making it a goofy character.
So I started with design ideas.

At first I wanted it to wear a suit and be a sort of secret agent sort of character. It would probably be really bad at their job seeing how it's a giant, clumsy pigeon-person. I couldn't get the shape of the suit to work with the character very well, though. So I decided to go with casual clothing that would give me a fun silhouette for the character. Then I animated him/her/it when I was satisfied with the design.




  1. I like the addition of the feathers coming off.

    1. Thanks!
      I thought that it would help show motion in the arms.