Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Note Card Storyboards

If you remember from Christmas Break I was planning on making a storyboard with my Mole So Die characters. Partly for practice partly for portfolio possibilities. But I had realized that my original thumbnails were really long and it would take some time to complete them all. So I decided to take them in parts and get them done in that way. I've recently finished the beginning storyboards.

I decided to make them with markers on note cards as well instead of digitally. Thinking back to my storyboarding class I never experimented with a traditional media for my storyboards. So I wanted to give it a try and I felt that I was able to get them done faster. 
This is the part of the scene where Amadi is taking a dare to prove that he could survive the evil forest for one night. He meets up with his peers to go over the protective wall where he'll travel from there alone to the forest.

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