Monday, March 4, 2013

New Player Has Arrived!

I've been thinking of adding another character to the radioactive knight group lately. I like the idea of having Knight and Freckles' group of wanderers gradually gaining members as they progress with their journey. Having to adjust to the newest member's personality and eventually becoming this small band of misfits traveling through the apocalyptic wasteland. 

This new member is lawyer lady. She'll have a better name soon.
She and her family were out of town with the meltdown happened and had to make camp on the edge of town with the other survivors. She volunteered to help the local militia to help others escape the toxic wasteland that used to be their home. She runs into Knight and Freckles along the way and tries to separate them to take Freckles back to the survivor camp, convinced that Knight has been affected by the radiation and is too dangerous to be around. 

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