Friday, March 15, 2013

Mole So Die Revisited

I've recently decided that I want to redesign the main characters of my Mole So Die
Not as much physically as mentally.
I felt that their personalities and reputations were too similar, so I wanted to make them more distinct from each other. Especially Baako and Thema because they were both the "good role model" character and then they were going to be childhood friends and just made them more like clones of each other. And why have two of the same character?
That lead to this sketchbook page which is more notes than drawings.

Now Baako keeps his "role-model" status while Thema is more aggressive and rebellious. Baako is the person who does what he's told without question. He doesn't like the idea of stepping out of bounds or going against his superior's orders and everyone looks up to him because of that. So when he has to team up with Thema and Amadi, who have less respect for rules and authority, he gets pushed into unwanted situations and feels frustrated.
Thema then becomes this super competitive and aggressive character. She has the passion and strength to do what ever she pleases, she just lacks control. She'd be a productive member of society if she could only get her attitude adjusted. In addition Baako and Thema aren't going to start out as friends in the story anymore either. Now that their views are extremely different from each other. 
Amadi's personality didn't change too much. He's more introverted with his anger and distrust of other instead of just being outward about it. I also thought that it'd be good to make him more adventurous which would help explain why he enjoys exploring the Savannah and has less fear of the forest than the others. He would be more curious of what was out there. 
After the personalities I thought about their relationships with each other. I made a little chart that might be hard to read, but what it is basically saying is that each of the three characters can find something that they agree and disagree with each other. For example, Thema and Baako both view Amadi as a spoiled brat who just wants attention At the same time Baako doesn't appreciate Thema's rude and violent attitude towards him and others, and Thema doesnt like how Baako is so strict to the rules and puts himself above others because he follows said rules. So even if the three do end up being able to work together they'll never be able to fully agree on everything. 
Hopefully all of this will help these guys be more developed and believable and hopefully I didn't bore anyone with all of this text.
There will be more development on these characters in the future.
That's all for now folks!

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