Friday, March 8, 2013

Animation and The Next Project

So I finished my rough to sound animation last week.


It was a really fun animation to do because the characters' personalities were in great contrast. Plus angry characters are fun because all of their actions get to be exaggerated and pushed to extremes.
After critiques we did some warm up drawings from watching PaperMan.

The next animation project is Special Effects. There was a list of effects to choose from and I started out quickly sketching ideas; like hair underwater and rusting armor.

Now I am thinking of animating Knight and his glow-ie radiation powers. I like the idea of having his powers be tied to his emotions, so when he gets angry he explodes into this angry ball of radioactive energy. In addition I sketched out what it would look like if knight used his powers to build the rest of his broken sword and a quick idea sketch for a background for the animation. A lot of the examples our teacher showed us had amazingly drawn backgrounds. So I plan to accept the challenge and make a amazing background. It's gonna be good!

I'm thinking that Knight's glow-ie-ness will move like fire or really thick smoke. I got some reference photos and broke them down into shapes.

Then I drew out my key frames and some ideas of how the fire/energy will move.

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