Sunday, February 3, 2013


Lately I have been thinking a lot about knight and what he would've been like before all of the nuclear and radioactive stuff. What kind of kid was he? What did he wear?

I started with what his knight costume would've looked like before the nuclear explosion ripped most of it away. I also redesigned his sword from it's futuristic look to something more classic. Since he's no longer a futuristic character in a futuristic world. Aaaaand I started to think of the motive for him being at a renaissance fair in the first place when everything happened. My favorite idea is a younger sibling who wanted him to accompany him/her/them and is now lost/missing/dead after the explosion. 

After that I went to what kind of kid would he be. I'm thinking of something like the-kid-who-often-avoids-crowds either out of shyness or the dislike of other people. But I didn't want to draw him in the lonely-kid-in-a-hoodie look. I feel that I draw hoodies a lot on characters or random doodles in general, so I'm going to explore my fashion options with him. 
So far I'm liking the punk/rocker look I drew towards the bottom but, I'm not sure if it fits him. So more exploration is needed there.

These are just some extra sketches for the fun of it.

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