Monday, January 14, 2013

Some Current Projects

Now that Christmas break is officially over its time to rev up those pencils and get back to work! 

So before classes start I'll show you the things I worked on over the break that either haven't been shared yet or are still a work in progress.
To start with, I have more sketches of the two radioactive characters. I'm happy with Knight's design now. I just need to work on Paperboy more. I'm not satisfied with the way I draw her yet, so her design will be worked on some more. I am thinking about changing her name too. Maybe to Newsie or something like that or maybe I'll change her into something totally different. I'll have to think about it.

In addition I started working on my own storyboard in my spare time so I can build a portfolio. 
This one is going to be about when Amadi goes into the forbidden/magical/evil forest by himself at night so he can win a bet/dare and hopefully get some respect from his peers. I really wanted to storyboard this part of the story so I could explore the forest more and show why no one wants to go there.
So far I have some thumbnails but I also went a head and drew a few panels because the scene was really vivid in my head I just wanted to draw it out.

And then I started a longer piece that would take more time and rendering to complete. In the past I noticed that I have trouble working on longer projects and taking my time on things. Which ends up in a lot of rushed stuff that looks messy and unprofessional. So I'm trying to work on that with this piece. I'm still not done but this is what I have so far.

Finally, I am thinking of remaking my blog banner. 

As much as I enjoy drawing myself with different headphones and sources of music, I feel that it doesn't really show what this blog is supposed to be about. 
I want to be able to animate parts of my banner as well. I've seen it be done on other blogs and it looks like something fun to do. It'd only be small parts of the image; a glow effect or a flame moving. I want to give it a try and see it as a entertaining challenge.

And that is all for now. Classes start tomorrow and I'll be posting homework up here again soon. I hoped that everyone had a great break and will have a fun new year!

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