Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Student Choice Project: Week 3

For starters, I finished the props and masks.
For the props I went with things that would be used for hunting and defense first. So I drew spears and sickle things of different shapes and sizes. I liked the idea of them having little carvings or talismans that they could tie to their weapon or tool, as a good luck charm for safe travels. Especially when traveling to the forest. Then I drew some props that could be used in the village. Carving tools and more.

After that was more character sketches. Some with props.

Now the environments!
I started with research. Lots and lots of research. I already had a general idea of where I wanted the characters to live and for the story to take place. I wanted an area the was mostly savanna but was close to the more dense forest-ie area. 

After looking at both a geological and a vegetation map I decided to have the story be based off of Nigeria. Mostly the northern half of it.
Then I looked up a bunch of reference photos...

...and then I made sketches from here. I practiced sketching some of the plant life and coming up with how the houses would like in the village and the overall look of the village in general.
A big thing that I was trying to figure out was where to place the village. For a while it couldn't decide to keep it out of the forest entirely or have it in the forest but not too deep. This was a tough choice to make because of the way I wanted to show the relationship of the villagers with the forest. 
A major point in the story is the villagers fear to go into the forest alone. The forest is supposed to be this dark scary place with monsters and evil magic even. It's just an overall place that you don't want to go to alone. So I decided to have them live out of the forest in the safe wide open of the savanna where its harder for enemies to hide.

I also thought about "if the forest is so scary, then why live there?" Through discussions with friends I decided that the villagers probably need the forest for the food and herbs that it has. Also the idea of having a river that comes out of the forest that acts as their main source of water was thought of too. So overall its a pretty sweet place to live except for the big scary forest full of evil. 

And these are the final environment concepts. 

The first one is a view of the village from within the forest. 

And the second is from within the forest where the river runs through. This one isn't finished yet but I got the base colors down and plan to finish it asap.

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