Monday, November 19, 2012

Student Choice Project: Week1

So for the first week I did character sketches.
I wanted to finalize the main characters who's designs were mostly worked out.

I also experimented with different mask designs.

I started designing one of the new characters, the Chief, but he needs to become more developed so there will be additional sketches of him as I continue with the project. 

Then I worked on Zuberi's design. I noticed earlier that the four main characters seemed to be of the same age range and that was just no good. So I played around with "what if he was an cranky old man who wants immortal life?" But then the idea of a 70+ year old man running around the forest like he was 20 seemed really weird. So I'm thinking of having him be between his 40s and 50s. 

And then more sketches. :)

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  1. very interesting. I would really like to see a character color pallet chart to boost your great sketches.