Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Student Choice Project: Week 2

So the goal for last week was to get outfit and tool designs done.
I started off with sketches.

I drew the King/Leader/Father character some more beginning to finalize his design.

Sketched some basic outfit designs, working mostly with the shapes and how it fits on the character.
More outfit sketches, focusing on Amadi and father figure.

Basket sketches. I started to think about how they would go about carrying things.
I also looked up some references as well.
I researched different types of tribes in western Africa so I could get an idea how people who lived there would dress and other things about their culture. I chose a tribe/group of people called Yoruba who lived in the Northern area of Nigeria to base off the clothing and items for my characters.

Yoruba Masks and Headdresses

I also looked up reference of how to hold a spear. I thought that it would be useful in the future.

And then I made more sketches trying to get the feel of the style of clothing.

And came up with my final designs.
I started looking at color palettes as well. The one that I chose is a combination of two different palettes that I decided to put together by taking my favorite parts of each and trying to get them to work.

Then I made different patterns for the clothing to have. I came up with the ideas by looking at reference photos and seeing what kinds of patterns they used.

Which lead to the final outfit designs. 
These are just some of the different combinations that are possible with the patterns and color palette. These designs are most likely going to be used in the future though.

Unfortunately, I did not get to drawing the final weapons, tools, and items designs. So I am a little bit off schedule, but besides that everything else is right on track.

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