Monday, November 12, 2012

Student Choice Project: Proposal

My proposal for this next Design for Media project is a Character Design Book.
The main focus of this book would be developing the world of a group of characters from sketches to mostly finished concepts.
In the end I plan on having ...
- character and environment sketches
- prop and outfit designs and sketches
-(maybe) color concepts
- 2-3 environment concepts
- final character concepts
- 1-3 scene pieces with characters in action
I plan to use the tribal characters that I've drawn in past posts for this project, because I would like to expand their world more.

The general look of the final product will go like this.
Pg 1-2
Pg 3-4
Pg 5-6
Pg 7-8 Ver 1
Pg 7-8 Ver 2
PG 9-10
Pg 11-12
The format might change a little as the project progresses but this is the general look of it.
As for scheduling I plan to get the sketches done by the 20th. The rest will follow after that according to the gnatt chart. The chart might have some minor changes if something comes up during production, so I'm going to keep it some-what open and flexible just in case.

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