Friday, November 30, 2012


When I was first designing my tribal characters I looked at it as if they were characters in a video game.
They had stats and everything. 
And then at a part in the story the characters would find these talismans that would "complete them" in a way. I didn't get very far with that idea but I remember that Amadi was going to be a fast character with not much muscle power. So when he got his talisman and "activated" it, it would give him super strength. I played with the idea of the talismans being animal based and then the characters would absorb that animal's traits through the talisman. I can't seem to remember what the other two's talismans were going to do. 
But I specifically remember Amadi turning into something like a thunder powered bull.

This is a fun doodle based off one of my old sketches.

He's ready to beat up kids for their lunch money.

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