Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Food Gangs and PSA

So I finished my PSA animatic for storyboard class. 
In the end I feel like a lot of the scenes went by too fast and the message just ran past the viewer. I had a lot of fun with the idea though.


I'll be editing this more later to make everything more understandable.
For our next assignment we're storyboarding to music.
I'm really excited for this one and I have big plans to help me redeem myself from the confusion of this last animatic. I also want to experiment with shaping, color, and medium sorta. Just something different than what I did in the last two storyboards.
So I want to make the animatic to this song here. The music is really fast and has a fun beat that I can play with to add more to the story.

I also want to make this animatic be in full color, I'd be a fun challenge if I'm able to.
I've already started to look at color palettes.

Another palette idea is this.

I really want to work with the contrast between cool and warm colors.
My only concern is that the song contains lyrics which my teacher said that she didn't want in our song choices. The other song that I'm considering for this project is this one.

It has a fun circus theme and I can play with colors on this one too.

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