Sunday, September 16, 2012

Model Sheets!

3rd Design for Media post.
Right now a lot of things are more finalized.
Like the color palette. 
I added a light brown color. Because my two main colors were really dark and when I think of hospitals I think of lighter colors so I added that.

And then I made model sheets of the finalized character designs.

Dr. Jazz

Rocker Nurse

Sad Patient No. 23

Height Comparison
Some setting sketches for the hospital.

And then for the final piece I had three ideas. 
The first was a illustration of the characters helping sad patient and have it be formatted like the Guitar Hero game. 

The second idea was a desktop background for laptops and such.

The third idea was a short story comic. I always liked the idea of making comics for fun. But for this I would only have the first page or two done for the class. And then I would finish the comic in my spare time.

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