Friday, September 21, 2012

Edible Gangs

For SB class our next storyboard has to be either a commercial, PSA, or an opening title for a TV show or movie. The requirements are that it has to be 30 seconds long and have a lot of camera movement.
Originally I was going to do an opening sequence for my Tough Cooking characters, but had trouble coming up with camera movement and scene ideas.

So now I'm working on a PSA about eating healthy instead. The story board is gong to be about two food gangs, healthy and junk food, and their battle over who is the best.
So far I have the characters designed and the story thumb-nailed.

As something extra, I started to make a model sheet for the leader of the Rubble Trouble Gang, Fry.
Because he's really fun to draw.

Right now I'm working on the animatic. I think I have two weeks to finish that, so that'll be up here a bit later.

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