Sunday, September 30, 2012

D4M Project 2: Something Big is Coming

So my entry idea for the group project is a Short Story Scavenger Hunt!!!
To put it into more details:

I vaguely got my inspiration from a couple of things.
This first inspiration was this short story that was in the newspaper a long time ago. It had won a contest of some sort I think. But what the newspaper did, instead of posting the whole story in one issue, was that they broke it down into chapters and each new issue would have the next chapter until the story was complete. It was a good way to get people to keep reading their papers because you wanted to know what happened next.
Another thing was those gum packets one of the students made here, I think, that were passed out at the market that had these weird stories on the back. The stories were really interesting and it was fun to collect the different packages to see what kind of story they had.
With this project I want to do something similar to that.

The Big Idea

The general idea is that there's going to be a story team that will of course write up the story.
And then the story will be broken up into sections and given a QR code.
And then each section's QR Code will be placed somewhere on campus.
The QR code will take the viewer to the webpage or blog page of that section.
Each page will have it's section of the story, an illustration to go with that section, and a hint on the bottom of the to the location of the next section. The final page will have a link to the main website/blog for the project where the entire story can be viewed as a whole along with all of the art that went into the project and the making-of video. The first location will be given in the advertising and then from there its a all-out scavenger hunt.

I sketched out the general idea for the format of the pages.
As always changes can be made if needed.

The Story Itself

The actual story can be discussed over the first meeting. I thought that it'd be nice if everyone worked together with the general idea of the story so everyone can be working on a story that they're happy to work on. It can be about anything, that's appropriate to the general audience, and if having too much freedom makes it hard to come up with ideas the story can have a Halloween theme to it since we'll be working through that season. Unless another theme is more appealing to the group. Since its a short story its should be limited to 8-15 pages with time in mind and for keeping the audience's attention.

Coming Soon Advertising
To get the word out about the project we can make COMING SOON posters and distribute them across campus a week or two before the QR Codes are distributed.
The poster will have a short explanation about the project and story as well as the start date and first location of the scavenger hunt.

This is a sketch of the general layout for the poster. Things can be changed later if needed.

Positions and Ranks
So I made a fun little chart to show the positions that I have in mind.

I think it's pretty self explanatory. 
You can ask any questions about that if you want.
As for the main 3 roles.
I would personally like to be director, unless I become more interested on working on a different project.
I also nominate
Jinny Hinkle as Head of Art Direction
Renee Taylor as Head of Editorial.
If those nominated don't want their roles, the positions are open to change and if needed we can debate and vote on who can have what roles.

Here's what I have for the schedule.

Everything's open to a little bit of change but this is what it'll look like for the most part.

That's my idea.
Thank you for putting up with my giant wall of text. As a reward I give you this image of a dolphin that I found on the internet.

Have a nice day!


  1. This seems fun but kind of confusing.. I am not sure what a QR code is and I am having trouble understanding certain things. Can you try to break down the concept a little more? I hope this doesn't sound too nit-picky.

    1. No it's okay.
      A QR code is one of those things that those with an iPhone can scan and then it takes them to a website on the internet.
      What do you mean by break down?

  2. I agree with Laura... The idea sounds cool, but it's a little confusing. How do the barcodes lead to each section of the story? And when will the illustrations be made? After a new code has been discovered? Will the codes be really difficult to find? Sorry for all of the questions, just trying to figure things out.

    1. Ah well each story section will have its own webpage or page on the blog and how I believe it'll work is that QR codes connect to a link so each link will have a different code to go to it.
      For the illustrations I was plan the to start after the first section of the story was finished. I guess I forgot to mention it in the post but the general idea was the after a section of the story was done someone will start the illustration for it and it'll go back and forth like that. :)
      I feel like there will be a little difficulty with finding the codes but I don't want it to be so hard where people give up on it.
      Sorry for any confusion.

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