Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Night of the Hunter

So I was listening to a song and got the idea for this whole new set of characters and a short story.
This general plot of the story starts with this couple who go on a romantic hiking trip. During their trip the couple is attack by a mysterious and odd looking hunter, who starts hunting them down for the fun of the game. 
There will be four characters in the story total. The Hunter, the Man, the Sea Witch, and the Dead Girl.
This is the Hunter.

I liked the idea of the hunter having a deer skull for a head/mask. Since deer are usually the first game you think of when you think of hunting. I also think of big puffy coats when I think of hunters.

I Googled some references for the basic idea of how the skull would look and how a hunter dresses.

My friend also mentioned that if he had a fur coat(maybe the hair of others that he has hunted) he would look  more intimidating. Especially when the fur was wet making the edges of the fur clumped and sharper.

I also did research of what kind of style I would like to portray the story in. I really like the style in dark horse, especially HellBoy, where the shadows are deep and the edges are sharper.

This is what he looks like so far. More things will be changed with his design later.
Here's the song that inspired this idea.

Also, the blog now has a new banner. I think that it's a big improvement from the old one, but you can look at the difference and decided which one you like best. I had trouble designing the background of the new banner so that's why there are two versions.

Sorry for not as posting as often lately, I'll make sure to fix that.
That's all for now.
Have a lovely day!

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