Friday, March 2, 2012

Everybody Walk The TVBoy!

I worked on my walk cycle today for class. 
And I learned that walking is a lot harder than it looks. 
There is a lot more to walking than you think, but I'm figuring things out as I go and hopefully I'll be able to improve it before the deadline.


What do you think?
Any comments or advice would be nice.


  1. Is there any way you could loop 'em? The loader keeps breaking on me when I try to watch it on loop. But from what I can see it looks good. Maybe there's a little too much emphasis on the arms? Like I don't think they should go up that high, unless that was intended.

    1. I thought the video file looped but I am not sure about that.
      I think you might be right about the arms. I will try fiddling with those.
      Thank you for the advice. :)