Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weapons of Mass Christmas

Oh Yeah!
I finally have these last two pages done!

The first page is the Soldier Elves. 
Their job is basically to protect the North Pole from any great danger. Like, I don't know aHoardOfGingerBreadZombiesFeedingOffOfChristmasSpirit.
In the animation, they'll be helping Santa fight the zombiebread men.

The second page is the props.
Mostly the weapons that'll be used in the animation.
But first there's the North Pole pole.
The North Pole pole rests at the very center of the North Pole and acts as the main landmark. 

Then there's the weapons.
Starting with The Kringler.
The Kringler is basically a bazooka cannon that was made to shoot magical energy. This weapon is mostly used by Santa, since he carries the largest amount of magical Christmas energy in the pole. It takes the magical energy that Santa gives it and uses that energy to attack foes with a gigantic blast.
Next is Hermey.
Named after the elf that became a dentist, Hermey is a tiny hand pistol that can pack a big punch. It takes in snow on one end and then shoots it out in a big snowy blast.
Last there's the Hall Decker.
This weapon is a machine gun that shoots Christmas lights. It does not make it easier to hang lights on your house for the holidays.

That's it for now. 
I'm going to get started on the storyboardin'. I haven't decided whether or not I'll post each page as I get them done or just post the entire storyboard in one go yet. I guess that will have to depend on how long it is. 
After that I'll draw out the storyboard in flash to see if it will make the time limit. 
Getting closer to my goal! 

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