Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Animation Smack-Down!!

A couple of my friends came up with having a animation smack-down and now a bunch of us have joined in. It's going to be super fun, I am so excited!
The goal is to make a 1-4 minute animation that is Christmas themed by Dec 30th.
Best animation wins ... something I guess. Maybe bragging rights. Or hugs. Hugs are nice. :)

The idea for my animation is "Santa! Zombie Slayer!". HaHa yeah. So just picture Santa killing gingerbread-zombiemen to save the elves of the North Pole. ... yeah.
I have not created a storyboard yet or come up with much of a plot besides what I just typed a couple of sentences ago. But! Christmas break is coming up and I'll hopefully have the free time to get work done.
So far, all I've done are some character sketches of the Santa that will be in my animation.

What do you of him so far?
I'm planning tweaking his design more as I plan out the animation.

 I plan to post more things for this project on here as well.
I am so excited for this!

Also, some of my pals who are going to be in the Smack-Down have blogs where they might be posting their progress as well.

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